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Domestic Solar PV Panels

Solar PV panels work best when they face due south, but they can work very well in any general southerly direction. Facing due West or East will reduce their efficiency & fitting Solar Panels to a roof facing North will probably be a waste of money. If your roof is heavily shaded, that will reduce the efficiency.

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A typical solar panel will be around 1 metre wide (3 feet) x 2 Mtr long (6ft) and weigh from 10kg to 20kg.

All solar PV installations must be fitted by an MCS (Microgeneration certification Scheme) accredited installer ā€“ you will not receive the feed in tariff if you use an unregistered installer.

Feed in Tariff Rates and Income

The current Feed in Tariff rate for Solar PV installations (up to 4.0 kWp ) will be adjusted on a regular basis for properties that have an EPC rating of D (or higher). Payments may cover 20 years (down from 25). If your EPC rating is worse than ā€œEā€, the rate is going to be less

The export tariff for electricity varies per / kWh. (Rates are may be subject to review every three months) Rates may be adjusted based on the number & size of installations in the UK during this review period